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Let Illumipet's knowledgeable staff assist you with your DR/CR selection process. We have no vested interest in the DR/CR sales market, so we can offer an unbiased approach to your imaging needs. We do have plenty of experience in seeing which systems have or have not worked well for our customers. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and suggest systems that will fit the needs of your practice.

We understand selecting the right system for your practice can be a daunting task. The digital radiology market is ever changing; new vendors, systems, software, etc. In addition, there are quantitative and qualitative factors, applications, storage, volume, etc. that further complicate the decision making process. All of these options can make choosing the right DR/CR package confusing, as well as intimidating.

There's no need to feel like a ship lost at sea, when it comes to choosing a system, we will help guide you. Click below for our free consultation.

Easy Set Up

With Illumipet's quick and easy setup, you can have 24/7 in-house veterinary teleradiology services for all your diagnostic imaging needs in about an hour.

We provide the technical help to walk you through a simple set up process that takes just minutes to an hour depending on the system you have. All you need is digital or computed radiology and a high speed internet connection, we do the rest.

DR (digital radiography), CR (computed radiography), Ultrasound, MRI, CT-Scan, and Nuclear Medicine

Illumipet's teleradiology services are available for all your diagnostic imaging needs.

Software Solutions

Your imaging systems are only as good as the software that runs them. Illumipet can help with the selection and integration of the right software for your practice.

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A happy customer, who has experienced our
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Secure Offsite Storage

Illumipet's highly integrated, secure, offsite servers and data storage capabilities offer one of the safest and inexpensive options for achieving and managing your studies. Our highly redundant data management system provides unparalleled security, while our user friendly software allows easy access to your data anytime, from almost anywhere.

Why Offsite Storage?

Offsite storage is a must for any practice utilizing digital radiography. Onsite data management is costly, especially in large volume practices. In addition, your data is more susceptible to local disasters which can lead to costly restorations or potential loss of your cases.

With the same legal guidelines applying to your digital radiographs as with films, data compromise or loss could result in legal, as well as judicious ramifications. Regardless of your volume, offsite storage makes sense.

Our offsite storage facilities provide reliable management for your data, while allowing unlimited access to your cases. Redundant offsite data storage, management and security provides peace of mind so you can spend more time focusing on veterinary medicine.