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Illumipet's teleradiology specialists have a strong interest in providing you with the best possible service because our specialists are vested partners with Illumipet. Our success depends on establishing a good rapport, developing a thorough understanding of your wants and needs, and developing strong, long-term relationships with you and your staff.

Being a veterinary specialist owned and operated company allows us to provide you with the highest quality teleradiology services available.

Teleradiology services are growing and evolving almost as fast as the DR/CR market. Selecting the right teleradiology services for your practice is as important as choosing the right DR/CR or ultrasound equipment. One of the biggest challenges currently facing the market is finding an ideal balance between demand for rapid, accurate readings and the limited supply of qualified veterinary specialists.

Illumipet believes in a balanced approach to the teleradiology market, allowing us to provide you with the highest quality service, while concurrently meeting the needs of our staff radiologists. We do this by assigning a limited number of specialists to each practice. They are available to you for continual communication, both by phone and email, with on-call support continually available. Our specialists are responsible for reasonable caseloads and shifts, which helps ensure accurate, quality interpretations. This philosophy attracts the best specialists. By caring for our specialists, it helps them care for you.